About Silkies & Showgirls

Silkie Colors

Click on this link to see colors, male and female

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Silkies come in lots of pretty colors

Black - White - Blue - Splash - Buff - Partridge - Grey - Self Blue

as well as many "project" colors


Silkies are just like most other chickens except...

They have black skin, bones and meat!

  They are considered both gourmet and medicinal in Asian cultures . You can make a "Tonic Soup" that is supposed to be good for fatigue and bone density. I am never tempted to to make a meal from my Silkies!  


Aside from that they are pretty much like other chickens except...

They have unbarbed feathers that look more like fur !


Silkies dont fly well because of their feathering.While other chickens like to roost up high Silkies like to "pile" on the floor . Silkie feathers dont repel water so dont do well in cold weather when they get in the rain. Marco Polo, in the 13th century during his travels in Asia made reference to a "Fluffy Chicken" It was in fact rumored by some that saw them that they were a cross between a chicken and a rabbit !



Oh! and they have 5 toes instead of 4 ...

But other than that they are pretty much like other chickens!



What Silkies Eat



Silkie chicks eat "chick starter" medicated or not medicated until they are around 12 weeks old. Then I give them Flock Builder feed until they are old enough to lay and they get changed over to Layer Crumbles. We also give them veggies, fruit, cooked pasta, and meal worm muffins ,mmmmmmmm!


Grooming Silkies