Silkie Colors

My thanks to Twin Oak Ranch Silkies, Birds of Paradise. Hawkeye Silkies, Kb Silkies for generously allowing me to use their pictures

Standard Colors

White Rooster
White Hen
Black Rooster
Black Hen

Partridge Rooster
Partridge Hen
Blue Rooster
Blue Hen
Splash Rooster
Splash Hen
Buff Rooster
Buff Hen
Grey Rooster
Grey Hen
Self Blue Rooster
Self Blue Hen



Project Colors

These colors arent included in the Standard for this breed. Some of them are being seriously worked on

by breeders and will eventually likely become included in the standard ,others will most likely never

be able to be bred consistantlyenough to be included.

Paint Rooster Paint Hen Self Bulue Cream Rooster Self Blue Cream HenHen
Red Rooster Red Hen Blue Pratridge Rooster Blue Partridge Hen


Chick Colors